Data protection

poolynk GmbH Privacy Statement

(Version V1.0) 

Thank you for your interest in our range of services.

We understand how important it is to you that your personal information is handled with due care. This is why we appreciate your trust in allowing poolynk to conscientiously handle your data. Use of our services inevitably requires that we collect and store personal data, such as tax ID, name, address, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc. in order to be able to identify, verify and document transactions. In doing so, we process all data in accordance with the provisions of the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) and Telemedia Act (TMG). With your consent to the Terms of Use Agreement, you agree to allow to collect your personal data as listed below in order to process and use it for the purposes defined herein. You may repeal your consent at any time with immediate effect.


Supplier as understood under the Data Protection Act shall be poolynk GmbH, Griessemer Strasse 3, 31812 Bad Pyrmont, Germany.


At this point, allow us to expressly note that any Internet-based transfer of data inevitably involves safety gaps or rather may be the object of "hacker attacks" and that therefore it is impossible to fully protect data transferred online from unauthorized access by third parties. In order to minimize the risk, we offer you the use of the SSL option (Secure Socket Layer). SSL encrypts your data while it is being transmitted to us via the Internet.


We require your personal information that we collect from you in order to be able to offer our WEB platform and/or our wireless services app that is part of our load carrier management. Use commences at the time of your personal registration and, as needed, upon authorization for the purpose of clearly identifying the user. As such, you create a user account which is a mandatory requirement for further use. Additional data is required during the posting process, such as the partner ID's of the loading points, the addresses of the loading points as well as the type and quantity of load carriers. Furthermore, we also register geo-coordinates, time codes as well as device ID's of mobile devices or their IP addresses as a means to uniquely identify the subscriber, the location and time of a transaction. The purpose of doing so in particular is to protect against unauthorized use of our services and thus to protect you against misuse of your user account.


We collect, process, use and store your data exclusively for the purposes of our services, which are defined in the Terms of Use Agreement. This also applies to the use of your e-mail addresses, which you provided during the registration. Inasmuch as we pass your data along to a third-party supplier for order fulfillment (commissioned data collection pursuant to Section 11 BDSG), said supplier shall be bound to the regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act, to other legal data protection regulations and to this Privacy Statement.


Moreover, as a general principle no data shall be transferred. The exception to the above shall be if there is an obligation to do so by law or by court order. Furthermore, we shall also reserve the right to transfer your personal data to third parties even without your consent if it is deemed necessary in order to protect ourselves from attacks in the form of criminal acts or which would sufficiently prevent or negatively impact the functional capability of our Internet services.


Because we continuously develop our business further, there is the possibility that we or in the future any other companies controlled by poolynk GmbH, will sell or buy individual subsidiaries, corporate divisions or parts thereof. Where transactions of this kind are concerned, customer information is generally transferred along with the portion of the company being assigned. However, the data shall remain subject to the already existing Privacy Statements (except, of course, if the customer has expressly consented to other terms and conditions). The same terms and conditions shall also apply in the event that poolynk GmbH is sold fully, or significant parts thereof are sold and as a result personal data is also transferred to the buyer.