load carrier management

The poolynk platform digitizes the documentation for the exchange of load carriers.

All information on the delivery process is available to all participants in real time - simply and transparently. Out of 100 pallets and containers shipped, only 95 are returned on average.

The financial damage caused by the loss of load carriers is compounded by high administration costs for the manual, paper-based process. By using the poolynk platform, a medium-sized freight company, for example, can save up to 100,000 euros per year.

With an average return on sales of 3 % you increase your profit by 50-60 % and at the same time improve the positioning of your company on the market!

As the sender, you hand over your pallets or containers to the carrier at goods issue and can easily confirm the transfer via the poolynk app. At the end of the transport, your customer also confirms the receiving of the load carriers with his digital signature to the carrier via the poolynk app. You will immediately receive a digital exchange slip with all the necessary information such as the place and time of delivery, the identity of the recipient and the quantity and condition of the load carriers.


You can view and manage this proof in the poolynk web portal, print it as a PDF or transfer it to your merchandise management system via an interface. This provides you with real-time proof that your pallets and containers have arrived at the recipient with minimum effort. Create transparency about debts and credit balances of loading equipment within your supply chain, reduce wastage and administration effort and document damages for later clarification or settlement.

Avoid physical transport of load carriers (empties) by offsetting receivables and liabilities with your partners or within the poolynk platform user community.

If desired, you can also digitally document the access of your shipments of goods at the lowest possible cost by means of a proof of delivery and thus considerably reduce the administrative effort.

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And this is how it works:

Recording of loading and unloading


  • Each transfer of load carriers is recorded via the free poolynk app.
  • Drivers or warehouse employees can enter the data.
  • No data must be sent to the employee who entered it in advance.
  • The location can be selected from an address list that is determined by the GPS position of the smartphone. It is not necessary to enter address data.
  • The recorded data can either completely replace the load carrier note or attach it as a photo to the digital receipt.

View of account balances

  • The movements recorded in the app are forwarded directly to load carrier accounting.
  • If the people who entered the data are already authorized, the booking is made directly.
  • Transactions, account balances and the booking journal can be viewed in the web portal.
  • As an alternative to recording via Smartphone App, transactions can also be transferred via interface or entered in the web portal.
  • It is also possible to access the data via interface.

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